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It is Hamudi’s passion to cook and serve delicious dishes. Not only do we find it fulfilling to see our guests enjoy our food, we also love to impart our talent to those who are eager to learn how to cook. We offer culinary workshops for all ages, taught by Chef Hamudi himself.

Parties & Celebrations

Whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or a real extravaganza, House Number 3 offers an authentic experience through the food, settings and the entertainment provided that will ensure your special day as one you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Corporate Events

We have regular clients from worldwide companies that have experienced our warm hospitality. Now its your turn to celebrate your company's business meeting, conference, product launches and more events with an authentic experience at House Number 3.

Multicultural Hospitality

Hamudi is a gifted chef and well respected among his peers. His monthly Master Culinary Workshops are always overbooked. Growing up as a fisherman has given an understanding and deep passion for sea food. He has a unique relationship with Jaffa’s fishermen and masses of know how in selecting the freshest and best quality fish and seafood. Hamudi's creations here are very customizable for each one of our guests, moreover, the roots and origins of House Number 3‘s kitchen came from the local Jaffa culture and influences of other Mediterranean cultures so all of our dishes are made from local ingredients and the freshness of them all.

"Cooking is a culture, creation and history to the roots which connect the diners to colors, scents and flavors"

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December 1990, we sold our 40 meter apartment which we lived in for 6 months because we realized very fast that we can’t live in a matchbox of an apartment. We always dreamed to live in a castle so we started looking. When we found the Ottoman Castle of “House Number 3” it was ruined and very expensive to repair and restore. Back then Hamudi was working as a nurse and Layla worked in an office in her parents business. The bank didn’t want to mortgage the castle in order to give us a loan and it was more than difficult with all the obstacles. However that didn’t stop us from fulfilling our dream, as our will was stronger. We continued to work hard at our jobs and slowly began to rebuild the new home. Over several years we managed to overcome our financial struggles and restored the castle to its former glory. We feel that we've done such a good job that we are obligated to extend a personal invitation to you and your friends.


After many years we understood that our primary goal is to reach and achieve a connection and multicultural dialogue all over the world. We could have never believed that so many different cultures would one day converge onto House Number 3.

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Layla@housethree.co.il or call us +972 54 624 1163

We are located at Amiad Street 3, Tel Aviv - Jaffa.